Alibre Design Atom 3D

Alibre Design Atom 3D

The best hobby-grade 3D modeling suitable for CNC, 3D printing, and hand tool projects. Alibre Atom3D is packed with easy-to-use precision tools that help you to design, perfect and export your ideas for production.
Alibre Atom3D stands as the ultimate hobby-grade 3D modeling solution, meticulously crafted for enthusiasts engaged in CNC projects, 3D printing and hand tool endeavors. This user-friendly software is loaded with easy-to-master precision tools, allowing you to effortlessly design, refine and export your creative ideas for seamless production.

Alibre Atom3D

Key Features

Precise Modeling for 3D Print / CNC

Alibre Atom3D is engineered to deliver precise 3D modeling tailored for the hobbyist. Whether you're venturing into 3D printing or CNC projects, the software provides the accuracy and detail needed to bring your creations to life.

Easy to Learn, Simple Interface

Dive into the world of 3D modeling with confidence, thanks to Alibre Atom3D's easy-to-learn and intuitive interface. Unleash your creativity without the steep learning curve, making it the perfect choice for hobbyists at any skill level.

Export to Multiple Formats

Seamlessly transition your designs from concept to reality with Alibre Atom3D's versatile export options. Export your creations in popular formats like STEP, SAT, STL, OBJ, DWG, DXF and SVG, ensuring compatibility with various production processes and tools.

Realistic Model Movement

Watch your creations come to life as Alibre Atom3D's models move realistically. Experience an immersive design process that allows you to visualize and perfect your ideas with a level of realism that enhances the creative journey.

Why Alibre Design Expert ?

Alibre Design Expert can be applied across various industries for designing and prototyping.

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